Out of all the utility outages that can occur, an electric outage is arguably the most inconvenient, costly, and stressful. Without power, appliances become useless, food spoils without refrigeration, and home security is compromised due to lack of lighting. Charging devices become impossible, water filters cease to function, and life-saving medical equipment like oxygen machines grind to a halt.

In those situations, having a whole-home generator can be a lifeline. With one of these reliable backup power sources, your household can maintain essential functions, minimizing disruption and providing safety and comfort during even the most prolonged outages.

If you are considering having a generator installed in your Cheshire, CT, F.F. Hitchcock Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can get the ball rolling today. Our generator installers can expertly assess your home’s electrical needs and offer tailored solutions that ensure you have reliable power when you need it most.