Are you seeking help with an electrical panel upgrade in Cheshire, CT? Perhaps your existing panel is overloaded and keeps shorting out, or maybe you’re extending your home and need a new panel to accommodate the new areas. Whatever your needs, our electricians will ensure your new panel box delivers power safely and reliably throughout your home. We only work with leading-name products that are proven to provide the best possible performance, and we’ll ensure they are installed to the highest standard. When it comes to electrical panel repair, we can help with panel faults, too. Common faults include overload, wear and tear, and continually tripping GFCIs. No matter what the problem is, our electricians will find the solution and repair or replace your box. If your lights are flickering or fuses are blowing regularly, it could be time for a new box or to arrange repairs. Call our team now to learn more about our repair and replacement services and arrange an appointment.