Recycle the earth’s energy by installing a geothermal heat pump in Chesire, CT, which will extract heat from the ground and use it to warm up your home. The other alternative is to install an air source heat pump. An air source heat pump functions in a similar manner to a geothermal heat pump. The only difference lies in the source which the heat is extracted from. Air source options extract heat from the surrounding air. Both options are excellent choices for those looking to switch up their home’s heating system.

While heat pumps are primarily used to warm up a home, they are quite versatile and can also be used for cooling purposes. If you intend to use the heat pump as your home’s primary heating and cooling system, make sure that you schedule two services every year — one for the heating component during early winter and the other for the cooling component during early summer. A geothermal heat pump is typically recommended for commercial purposes while an air source heat pump in Chesire is typically recommended for residential uses.