Reliable Meriden Air Conditioning Services

Avoid costly air conditioning repair in Meriden, CT by calling F.F. Hitchcock Plumbing, Heating & Cooling as soon as you notice that there’s a problem. If you wait until the AC breaks down completely, you’re likely looking at a costly repair bill. It may also take some time to complete the repairs, as more extensive repairs typically need replacement parts that need to be ordered in. It may also take us some time to fix the problem, as we may need to replace or even patch up multiple parts. Some of the more complicated issues can also take more time to resolve.

The best way to avoid extensive repairs is to schedule an AC service at least once a year. Ideally, you should get the unit serviced during mid-to-late sprig, so we can complete all repairs by the beginning of the summer. If you wait too long, your AC system might still need repairs during a heat wave, which means that your home is going to get unbearably hot. Our team will make sure that your AC is not only repaired in a timely manner, but that it’s also running efficiently.