Routine AC maintenance in Meriden, CT should be at least once a year. If you forget or decide not to service your AC, its efficiency can drop by as much as 5% every year. Older units will take more damage than newer ones, as the parts are more vulnerable and more prone to failure. Newly installed units may be able to get away with not getting serviced for the first couple of years. Although the efficiency and performance may drop, it may not be obvious enough for you to notice.

Not only is it important to service the AC, but it’s also crucial that you schedule the AC tune-up at the right time. The most ideal time is early summer before the heat really starts to kick in. You want the AC to be serviced right before you actually need it. If you get it serviced too soon, dirt, dust, and other contaminants will have time to settle inside the unit. If you don’t get the AC serviced before you need to rely on it heavily, you might end up causing some damage to the system.