North Haven Furnace Installation Experts

Proper heater replacement in North Haven, CT, can lead to more problems than the furnace is worth. You deserve quality heating installation that won’t come with strings attached and problems like poor ventilation or improper connections. Improper installations can lead to shortened lifespan, lower efficiency, higher utility bills and lower overall comfort. You might also feel frustrated with your heating system regularly, as it’ll need a lot of repairs. The best way to ensure quality installations is to go with a reliable HVAC company, like F.F. Hitchcock Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

When replacing your current unit with a new one, you should spend some time looking at what type of furnace would be best for your home. On top of needing to properly size your furnace, you also need to choose the right type. You have four options to choose from: natural gas, propane, oil and electric. Each type possesses its own benefits. For example, natural gas furnaces tend to be most efficient; however, electric furnaces are a great option for those who are concerned about the environment.