F. F. HitchcockF. F. Hitchcock


F. F. Hitchcock is a locally-owned and operated business with longstanding roots in delivering quality goods and services to the communities it serves. F. F. Hitchcock began in 1870 as a general store in Woodbury, CT. Along the store front, a variety of items were displayed including food and grain, coal, linens and clothing, hand tools, farming equipment, building supplies, and a vast array of other products that served the needs of the local farming community.

Today we are still serving the community with the convenience of a one stop shop for all of your plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and fuel needs. We strive to be the premier provider of fuel oil and propane, as well as heating and cooling technology by offering the highest quality products and professional service possible.

Currently located in Cheshire, CT, F. F. Hitchcock is a family owned business run by George Bowman and his two sons Michael Bowman and John Bowman. Together with our team,  we strive to maintain great working relationships with all of our customers.